Javier Francisco Rodriguez - Founder of Risco Insurance Services

Born in San Francisco, California to immigrant parents, Javier was the first of his family to attend college. He entered into the insurance industry in 1979, and as special agents with Northwestern Mutual in 1982. After which he obtained his insurance brokerage license with the State of California in 1984.


Since being licensed Javier has continued to refine his skills and education in the insurance industry by successfully completing classes in the evolving market of property and casualty. As a result of Javier’s knowledge and experience he has severed on several insurance committees and focus groups over the last 20 years.


In 1984, he established Rodriguez Insurance Services, Inc., a full service insurance agency and in 1999 he incorporated to become RISCO Insurance Services Inc.


Over the past ten years Risco Insurance Services Inc. has written over 19,000 polices totaling over $50 million in premiums. Risco’s market offerings consist of commercial and personal lines insurance. The firm market focus is the emerging Hispanic Community; as a result Javier has extensive knowledge of Latino Business in California.


He also has been a political advocate in Sacramento on various insurance related issues that affect California Consumers.


In 1990, he testified on behalf the Proposition 103-rate hearings conducted by the Department of Insurance as well as founding the Hispanic Agents and Broker Association the following year.


In 1992, he was an appointee of the Insurance Commissioner to serve on the California Assigned Risk Board and testified before the US Congress Committee on finance in 1993.


In 2004, Javier founded Works of Power Inc. a non-profit public entity, which holds a 501C3 Tax Exemption status.


From 2005-2010 Javier served as Board of Directors for the Independent Brokers Association of the West.


Javier has also been featured in the media through several radio and television outlets on topics regarding the insurance industry and the government.


Javier most recently was an appointee by Governor Brown to the California Fair Plan Governing Committee.


Javier has dedicated his career to promoting business opportunities that positively impact our culture. He teaches biblical business principals in the work place that fosters growth among professionals. Currently he is involved in directing several business groups through the Works of Power entity both in California and Mexico, and India. He founded the Good Samaritan scholarship program that provides funds for students in Southern California inner cities. Good Samaritan Scholarship India was also founded for the low-income students of India in 2011. Javier’s primary goal is to see individuals reach their highest potential.